What is the Durango Health Solution?

Local healthcare providers working with employers to improve health and reduce the cost of health care coverage.


Be the preferred solution for employer-purchased health plans in La Plata county.

Support health plan designs that include wellness and disease management initiatives

Embrace solutions that achieve quality of care and lower cost

Facilitate the ability of employers and providers to make decisions based on reporting of population data

Support the use of a Health Information Exchange in La Plata county

What are the services that are included in The Durango Health Solution?

  • Provider Network, local and national
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Wellness and Disease Management
  • Stop Loss Coverage

Community Health Initiatives:

The Durango Network designates 5% of The Durango Health Solution network fees collected from local employers to support Community Health Initiatives in  Durango.

What Projects will the Network Support?

Community Clinics offering care to the uninsured, School Based Health Centers and other grant funded health projects

How does this benefit our community?

Currently the unisured in our community have a difficult time in finding basic health and dental care.  By partnering with employers and volunteer providers,  we can help sustain this clinics and provide basic care for all.